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EFT930 Series

Buy 15 boxes of 57 x 38mm thermal rolls and get 5 free. Plus free delivery Clover Flex..
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Our special deal on 57mm x 38mm thermal rolls for your credit card terminal. Select this option to buy four boxes of rolls and get one box free. For use with the following credit card terminals: Ingenico EFT930, Ingenico EFT 930B, Ingenico EFT 930G, Ingenico EFT 930P, Ingenic..
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Buy 8 boxes of 57 x 38mm thermal rolls and get 2 free. Plus free delivery Clover Flex..
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Rubber drive roller to attach to the printer lid in you Ingenico EFT930S, EFT930G, EFT930B This is for the rubber roller, cog and spindle only. As shown in the main photo. If you require other parts, please call us. Remember to insert carefully to avoid damage to the plastic retaining arms on ..
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Box of 20 rolls. Our best selling 57mm x 38mm rolls for your credit card terminal in high quality, A grade paper rolls. Order four boxes and get a fifth box free. Select the "Related Products" options above or search for product code "SP38" to se..
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Hardwearing and constructed from laser cut steel. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this quality product has the look and hardwearing finish that you would expect. This product can tilt up to 60 degrees and swivel up to 190 degrees. This smooth method of passing the machine from vendor..
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Brand: Ingenico
The Ingenico supervisor card is compatible with all Ingenico terminals and will allow your end of day processes and lets managers authorise refunds...
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