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Our special deal on 57mm x 50mm thermal rolls for your credit card terminal. Select this option to buy four boxes of rolls and get one box free. For use with the following credit card terminals and tills: Spire M4230, Spire M4240, Spire T4220, Spire T4210, Spire M2100,&n..
Ex Tax:£57.40
This  ethernet cable is 1.90m in length and connects your credit card terminal to the internet. This allows your terminal to authorise credit/debit card payments with your bank/merchant service provider.  ..
Ex Tax:£4.80
Hardwearing and constructed from laser cut steel. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this quality product has the look and hardwearing finish that you would expect. This product can tilt up to 60 degrees and swivel up to 190 degrees. This smooth method of passing the machine from vendor..
Ex Tax:£69.60
The Spire BT cord/modem cable for terminals used in the UK. This connects your terminal to your telephone line, allowing the machine to authorise credit and debit card payments with your bank. Compatible with Spire/Hypercom T/M4200 series. If you are a customer from the Republic of Irel..
Ex Tax:£4.80
The Spire power adaptor connects your Spire 4200 series credit card terminal to the mains. For the 4220 terminals, this plugs into the rear of the terminal and then connects to the mains socket. For the 4230 and 4240 terminals, the power adaptor is plugged into your charging base which connects that..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Spire/Hypercom supervisor card. Compatible with all Spire/Hypercom credit card terminals. Essential for providing refunds and running end-of-day procedures...
Ex Tax:£6.00
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