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Spire SPg7 GPRS

Spire SPg7 GPRS
The Spire SPg7 GPRS credit card terminal utilises our 57mm x 38mm thermal roll in high quality, thermal paper.

It is an ideal terminal for the on-the-go businesses.  GPRS connection - enabling transaction success wherever you trade.

It features Multi Network Sims, Optional cashback and Pre-Authorisation, colour screen, contactless and PCI 4.0 approved.

Order four boxes today and receive a fifth box for free. Express delivery available.

Buy 15 boxes of Lloyds Cardnet branded 57 x 38mm thermal rolls and get 5 free. Plus free delivery..
Ex Tax:£191.25
Buy 15 boxes of 57 x 38mm thermal rolls and get 5 free. Plus free delivery Clover Flex..
Ex Tax:£191.25
Our special deal on 57mm x 38mm thermal rolls for your credit card terminal. Select this option to buy four boxes of rolls and get one box free. For use with the following credit card terminals: Ingenico EFT930, Ingenico EFT 930B, Ingenico EFT 930G, Ingenico EFT 930P, Ingenic..
Ex Tax:£51.00
Buy 8 boxes of 57 x 38mm thermal rolls and get 2 free. Plus free delivery Clover Flex..
Ex Tax:£102.00
Power Supply Unit for Spire SPc50, SPc5, SPw60/70 Series Terminals 3-Pin Uk Plug P/N: 102060014    ..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Box of 20 rolls. Our best selling 57mm x 38mm rolls for your credit card terminal in high quality, A grade paper rolls. Order four boxes and get a fifth box free. Select the "Related Products" options above or search for product code "SP38" to se..
Ex Tax:£12.75
The Spire car charger adaptor for use with your Spire SPg7  terminal. This connects your terminal to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and helps to ensure you can keep your credit card terminal charged whilst on the move. Order your car charger adaptor today...
Ex Tax:£40.80
Hardwearing and constructed from laser cut steel. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this quality product has the look and hardwearing finish that you would expect. This product can tilt up to 60 degrees and swivel up to 190 degrees. This smooth method of passing the machine from vendor..
Ex Tax:£58.80
Spire/Hypercom supervisor card. Compatible with all Spire/Hypercom credit card terminals. Essential for providing refunds and running end-of-day procedures...
Ex Tax:£6.00
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