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Our special deal on 57mm x 48mm thermal rolls for your credit card terminal. Select this option to buy four boxes of rolls and get one box free. For use with the following credit card terminals: Verifone VX510, Verifone VX570, Verifone VX610, Verifone VX810, VeriFone VX8..
Ex Tax:£60.24
Brand: VeriFone
VeriFone VX510 power supply. Approved for use when connecting your VeriFone VX510 credit card terminal to the mains. For use in conjection with the VX510 power cord (product code VX610/POWER/CORD)...
Ex Tax:£18.90
Hardwearing and constructed from laser cut steel. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this quality product has the look and hardwearing finish that you would expect. This product can tilt up to 60 degrees and swivel up to 190 degrees. This smooth method of passing the machine from vendor..
Ex Tax:£58.80
Brand: VeriFone
VeriFone VX610 power cord. Approved by VeriFone to power your VX610 charging base or VX610 power supply. Also compatible with VX510, VX610, VX570, VX670, VX810 & VX810 Duet, and VX820 credit card terminals..
Ex Tax:£6.00
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