Save up to 50% on Credit Card Processing Costs

The recent change to the Interchange price for processing payment means you can make big savings on your card processing costs. Get A Quote Today!

95% of applications approved with two working days – Fast & Easy Set up – No Hidden Fees

Static Desktop Terminal

  • Take payments at a counter/till point
  • Benefits include small footprint
  • Easy to intall, setup & take payments
  • Connects through phone line or broadband

Portable/Bluetooth Terminal

  • Ideal for ‘pay at table’ service
  • Range is about 100metres from the base station
  • Small footprint and lightweight
  • Up to 650 transactions on one battery

Mobile/GPRS Terminal

  • Allows you take payments wherever a mobile GPRS signal is available
  • Does not require a phone line, small footprint and lightweightweight
  • Process up to 650 transactions on one charge

All terminals have contactless and Apple pay – increase your turnover today

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