Thermal paper rolls 57 x 50mm (box of 20)

Thermal paper rolls 57 x 50mm (box of 20)
Brand: Primatel Products Ltd
Product Code: TH5750
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Box of 20 rolls.

Primatel are pleased to offer our 57mm x 50mm rolls for your credit card terminal in high quality, A grade paper rolls.

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57mm width x 50mm diameter x 27m approx length

For use in the following credit card terminals:

Spire M4230, Spire M4240, Spire T4220, Spire T4210, Spire M2100, Spire T2100, Spire ICE 5500

First Data FD130

Hypercom M4230, Hypercom M4240, Hypercom T4210, Hypercom T4220, Hypercom ICE5500, Hypercom M2100, Hypercom Optimum M2100, Hypercom Optimum T2100, Hypercom T2100

Ingenico i7700, Ingenico i7770, Ingenico i7780, Ingenico i7810, Ingenico i7910, Ingenico ELITE, Ingenico i5100, Ingenico i5500, Ingenico 710, Ingenico 730

Verifone Omni 3740, Verifone Omni 3750, Verifone OMNI 3740, Verifone OMNI 3750, Verifone XCHEQUER, Verifone XPLORER Verifone XTREME

Axalto Magic 6100, Axiohm A621, Axiohm A630, Axiohm A631, Axiohm A632, Axiohm A711

Citizen CBM270, Citizen CBM291, Citizen CBM-291/293, Citizen CMP-10/BT

Fortronic 5100, Fortronic 7100, Fortronic 7300, Fortronic 7770, Fortronic ELITE

Gemalto Magic 6100

Magic 6000

Natwest Xchequer

Samsung ER-380, Samsung ER-5570

Uniwell PX 5700


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