How to make a manual transaction

  1. Carry out all normal checks on the card
  2. Place the card face-up on the imprinter
  3. Place the sales voucher face-up over the card and operate the imprinter
  4. Remove the sales voucher and card
  5. Note the following details on the voucher clearly and with a ballpoint pen:

If you make a mistake when writing the details of a transaction, destroy the voucher and start again. It's essential that vouchers are not altered, pinned, stapled, folded or damaged, as this could cause processing problems.

  1. Ask the cardholder to sign the sales voucher in the box indicated
  2. Watch the voucher being signed. Keep hold of the card and run your thumb lightly over the signature strip - it should be smooth and flush with the surface of the card
  3. Check that the signature on the sales voucher matches the signature on the back of the card
  4. Check that the spelling of the signature (if legible) corresponds with that of the name embossed on the card, and check the card hasn't expired. If a title is shown on the card, ensure that the presenter of the card matches the title e.g. if ‘Mr' is printed, ensure the presenter is male
  5. Check the signature strip to make sure no attempt has been made to disguise the original signature.

If you're suspicious of the card, the presenter or the circumstances of the transaction you must follow the Code 10 procedure.

You must seek Authorisation for every transaction by calling credit card issuer!

When you call, you'll be asked for the following information:

If the transaction is authorised, a voice response service will give you an authorisation code which may include numbers and letters. Write the code in the appropriate box on the sales voucher. Detach the cardholder copy of the sales voucher and hand it to the customer with their card and goods.

If the request is refused, no reason will be given and you should return the card to the customer (unless instructed otherwise by the operator) and ask for another form of payment

Once the procedure has been completed and all the required checks have been carried out, you must ensure that the necessary details of the transaction have been clearly recorded on all copies of the sales voucher. Detach the cardholder copy of the voucher and hand it to the customer along with their card and goods.